Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Innocent Ones [ a song]

                                         Innocent Ones

chorus:        Come you mothers, you fathers, you daughters , you sons
                    let a just God take care of the innocent ones.

                    She rose up that morning to get on a plane:
                    Some business in L.A. then back home again.
                    She had no idea who else would be on that plane;
                     Or of the twin towers in a terrible rain.
                                [ chorus]

                     I turned on my t.v. to hear a storm warning.
                     Snow had been falling by my window all morning.
                     They issued a caution to folks every where:
                     Where ever you're going you'd better take care.


                      Now it's a honey-sunned early Autumn day.            
                      Warm September wind is lifting my way.
                      Now with the summer's heat turned so sublime
                      Pictures of ash, glass and airplanes are stuck in my mind.