Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Way Down by Waterside [#2]

I once had a Springtime lover
with eyes deep as the river
and a heart wide as the tide.
'n the salt air gave a shiver
way down by waterside.

chorus: we went walking out together
to view the moving tide
and the moonlight shook n shimmered
way down by waterside.

and a love i had in summer
she was wild as any rover
and she took me for a ride.
a few hours we spent together
way down by waterside.
now this love i've held through autumn
she has caught me when i've fallen
and she's stayed right by my side
all dreams are not forgotten
way down by waterside.
so the spring time is returning
and i hear the gold finch warbling
and he flutters as he flies.
these lives that we've been living
will be gone with the tide.

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