Monday, July 11, 2011

Ballad of the Boyne

Well my name it is Dan Sullivan.
I know you'll not have heard of me.
The farmin in West Cork m'lads;
It was not my destiny.
At the tender age of twenty one I left my native home.
Up the rocky road towards Dublin Town I was inclined to roam.

So it's good bye to Cork City
Twice fare well to Limerick town.
So long to girls from Kerry.
They will not find me around.
I am headed north of Dublin
Where strange forces once did join,
And King Jimmy and King Billy fought
The Battle of the Boyne.

It was in 1689 James stepped onto the sod
He had Irish, Germans, Jacobites
Who said prayers to the same God.
They landed in Kinsale and
Sarsfield was with them there.
They thought Jim would reclaim the throne
In maybe half a year.


You may talk about your Gettysburg and also Waterloo.
What other fight did cause more grief
Even after it was through?
Now all down through the centuries
We've had to scrape for every coin
Since Billy won his vict'try at
The Battle of the Boyne.


Now i am lying here in Flanders Field
Where brave Sarsfield met release.
I am just another Irish lad
One of the Wild Geese.
Barbed wire's all around me and
The bombs and the bullets fly.
I wish it was for Ireland
If i am about to die.


for my Dublin buddy, Steve Lindsay.
on his birth day.
have a good one, bro.


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